TO                          :               ALL  OUR VALUED RESIDENTS DATE                     :               JANUARY 22, 2020 SUBJECT               :               NEW CAR STICKER FOR YEAR 2020 Please be informed that the new Car Stickers for this year […]
                             Reference No. TAC 002-02-2020 TO                          :               ALL OUR VALUED RESIDENTS DATE                     :               FEBRUARY 11, 2020 SUBJECT               :               AMENDMENTS IN HOUSE RULES Please be informed that as per Board Resolution […]
Kindly be informed that the Property Management Office will be closed on Saturday, May 19,2018 to give way for the Annual Team Building Activity of the Condominium Corporation’s employees including Administration, Security and Housekeeping staff.
To keep your unit neat and safe, kindly be reminded to have a regular pest control at least once every 2 months or more, to avoid any infestations of any undesirable insects such as cockroach, rats and flies which can cause health and hygiene problems.
In our continuous drive to ensure electrical safety of the whole property, our Engineering Team will be conducting preventive maintenance works in all the electrical rooms located in the elevator lobby of all floors starting May 14, 2018.
Please find below schedule of our weekly wellness activities for the months of May and June 2018 to be held in our Amenities Area every Saturday at 10:00 in the morning: