Amendments in the House Rules

                             Reference No. TAC 002-02-2020

TO                          :               ALL OUR VALUED RESIDENTS

DATE                     :               FEBRUARY 11, 2020

SUBJECT               :               AMENDMENTS IN HOUSE RULES

Please be informed that as per Board Resolution No. 002-2019 signed by the Board of Directors, following amendments in our House Rules will be implemented effective immediately:


32.4        In the event that the unit owner or tenant fails to follow the house rules or commits any violation of the rules, the following schedule of penalties shall be applied:

First Offense                      :               written warning or as may be decided by the board

Second Offense                :               Php 3,000 + suspension of privileges at the discretion of the


Third Offense                    :               Php 5,000 + suspension of privileges at the discretion of the


Fourth Offense                 :               Php 10,000 + suspension of privileged at the discretion of the


Period to Pay                     :               One week after receiving the letter-advice, exact date to be

Specified in the letter-advice for the avoidance of doubt

  • If payment is not made on or before the date specified, there will be a suspension of privileges, including, but not limited to :
    • De-activation of elevator access card
    • Use of guest parking
    • Use of amenities
  • Calendar year will be used in computation of the number of violations and corresponding penalty

There will be no distinction between major or minor violations;  the Board will have the discretion to evaluate the violation and impose the appropriate penalty.


There will be no “towing” of vehicles parked without authorization;  instead, the same will be clamped and the appropriate penalty imposed.


Children under 12 years old are not allowed to use the Gym unless accompanied by parent, guardian or trainer.

  • DESIGNATED SMOKING/VAPING AREAS WILL BE AS FOLLOWS:amenities floor – corner behind the elevator banks       24/7amenities floor – beside the pool area                           7 pm –  6 am amenities floor – outside the game room                      7 pm –  6 am       amenities floor – outside the function room                 7 pm –  6 am    

Note: Children are no longer in the pool areas or in the Sky Garden (kiddie play area) from 7 pm until 6 am.


There will be no more deliveries (food, documents, and the like) to be made directly to the units. All deliveries will be left in the Reception Area EXCEPT food deliveries which should be left in the Back Door Area where cabinets/shelves will be provided.   Residents and/or their helper should go down to get the package. 

We do not have enough guards to escort the very high number of deliveries per day. Moreover, escorting the delivery staff will keep the guards from doing their main duties and responsibilities. 

The management will not be liable for any deliveries that get lost or spoiled.

In exceptional cases, prior notice/arrangement may be made with the PMO to get clearance from the Board for any delivery to be accompanied directly to the unit.


Access Card of the guards will be kept in the PMO during office hours and with the Back Door Guard after office hours.  Anyone who forgets his/her card and requests the Back Door Guard for access will only be accommodated AFTER signing  in the log book.

Note:  Residents (unit owners and tenants) are requested NOT to berate our guards for strictly implementing this requirement.  NO ONE IS EXEMPT.


Use of charcoal when grilling is not allowed in the building.

  • Following subjects with circulars will also be included in the House Rules:Concierge ServicesUse of Fire Crackers and firing of gunsTowels for rent at the PoolUse of Back Door LobbyHiring of Household Helper

Unit Owners and tenants are strongly encouraged to observe our Circulars regarding proper attire:  the use of uniforms for Household Helpers and drivers; and for residents, avoiding going to the common areas (main lobby, amenities floor) in “sando” and flip-flops.  Please bear in mind that these are COMMON areas, and not part of your living room/bedroom.


The due date for the payment of association dues and other assessments is the 5th day of the month.  If no payment is made on said deadline

  • 1st reminder to be sent on the 20th day of the same month, giving 10 days to pay, or on the 30th day of the same month
  • If still unpaid, 2nd reminder  is to be sent the following day, giving another 10 days to pay, with definite date to be specified
  • If still unpaid, 3rd reminder is to be sent the following day, with a notice that water service will be cut and certain privileges suspended if not paid on or before the specified date.
  • Appropriate legal action will be taken by the Board

Leases shall only be allowed to “Single Family”

Definition of “Single Family”:

  • Traditional Family:
    • parents, children, grandparents
    • single (separated, without spouse, widow or widower) individuals numbering two or more who are related by blood or affinity [ex. Siblings (without families) are related by blood/affinity, 2nd degree]
    • single (without family) and aunt/uncle, related by blood/affinity, 3rd degree
    • cousins (without families) are related by blood/affinity, 4th degree
  • Modern Family:
    • Couple (regardless of sex) living without benefit of marriage

NOT a single family: unrelated individuals, whether working together or not, whether in the same company or not

Cases not falling under any of the above definitions or categories shall be decided by the Board who shall use its discretion for the primary benefit and interests of the owner-residents.

Lease contracts MUST be approved by the Board: complete information must be provided with respect to the lessees, and the terms and conditions of the lease contract must be in accordance with the House Rules and Regulations.  The Board reserves the right to reject and lease contract if it is deemed not in accordance with the House Rules.


The following are considered “Business” and therefore not allowed in the building:

  • if products or inventory are stored in the unit
    • if goods are picked up at the front desk or back lobby on a regular basis
    • if employees, not residents, regularly go into the unit to perform functions other than for residential purpose
    • use of commercial or industrial-grade appliances

The above definitions and rules shall be used to regulate tenancy or leases and use of units in the condominium and shall be incorporated as an integral part of amended House Rules.


To prevent undue clogging of our driveway when residents need to unload their groceries and other goods, it was suggested in the last AGM to have grocery carts assigned per parking floor. Carts have been provided in each parking floor and have been tagged to indicate the assigned parking floor.  Residents who need to unload groceries and the like must do so at their assigned parking floor.  After use, residents must return the cart to the assigned parking floor OR in front of the service elevator so that the same can be returned to its assigned floor for use of other residents.

We seek your utmost cooperation in the above-mentioned amendments.  


For and on behalf of

The Address at WackWack Condominium Corporation


Building Manager